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Why does this BBS exist?
     California possesses some of the best scuba diving in the world.  Dive spots such as Tanner Bank, Osborne Bank, Begg Rock, areas of San Clemente & San Miguel Islands, and the Farallon Islands are places of such stunning beauty that they rival any spot in the world.  Divers from around the world come here to experience diving in the lush kelp forests, sea lion encounters, and wrecks.  There are multitudes of nutibranchs and colorful invertebrates for photographers.  Halibut and lobster hunters swim vast distances to find their prey.  The unique culture and practice of California diving makes divers here some of the best in the world.
     This BBS exists to act as a open public forum for all aspects of California scuba diving culture, practice, conditions, sea life, people, places, boats, trips, sites, and experiences.  We are here to serve as a virtual gathering place for the California scuba diving community.

Posting rules:
  1. Your post should be related to Scuba Diving.  If you post a completely unrelated message, it will be deleted.
  2. Use your approximation of your real e-mail addresses.  Becasue of spam-bots that comb the net to get your email address, add something to it or change it (munge) in a way that is obvious for a human to remove, and still email you.
      1. might use
      2. might use MikeN@oohay.moc
    Both of these can be deciphered by a human, but will fool a spam-bot.
  3. You must be reasonably courteous.  Criticism should be supported by rational arguments.  Profane and baseless personal attacks will be deleted.
  4. You must be honest about where you're coming from.  You can brag about a product or service, but if you're connected with that product or service, say so, somewhere in your message.
  5. Promotional posts are limited no more than one post per thirty day period, per person, enterprise, or event.  It does not matter if the thing being promoted is free or paid.  These posts include, but are not limited to:
      1. dive trips
      2. dive club meetings
      3. dive equipment sales
      4. lectures
    This rule means that any individual user can make only one promotional post of any kind every thirty days.  If that user has more than one event to promote, he/she must combine those in their one allowed post.  This rule also means that any given event my only be promoted one time in a thirty day period.  Subsequent posts by other users, promoting the same event, are not allowed and will be deleted.  Exceptions to this rule are posts about DFG & MPLA/MLMA meetings, and certain charitable events such as the annual Chamber Day event.  Events qualifying for exception will be determined by the webmaster.
  6. The following promotional posts are specifically prohibited:
      1. dive classes that include location and/or time
      2. lectures to promote dive classes
      3. demonstrations to promote dive classes
      4. announcements related to any of the above
    The only exceptions to this rule are with the written permisiion of one of the editors.
  7. Posts about recent dive trips, dives, and dive conditions are especially encouraged.
  8. The following abuse will not be tolerated and may result in some or all of a users posts being deleted and/or that user being blocked:
      1. repeated posting of trolls
      2. repeated personal attacks
      3. bullying
      4. threats to the website, editors, or users
      5. the use of sock-pupets to respond to oneself
      6. repeatedly posting the same post
      7. constant use of info-pollution in the place of rational arguments
      8. any post or pattern of posts the editors deem abusive

Why can't I see my post?
     Hit reload on your browser.

May I use HTML in my posts?
    Yes.  To include picture a picture embeded in yout post it must be in JPG, GIF, or PNG format.
Your picture must reside on a web server that allows referrals from other hosts, this precludes most free web hosting services.

picture URL:

To include picture in text type:

<img src="">

Thus will yield the following in your post:

 If you use a less than (<) or greater than (>) symbol in your post, you may confuese browser software since these are reserved symbols for HTML code.  Do not use a less than (<) or greater than (>) symbol in your post unless you are embeding HTML.

Why do I get no response when I submit my post?
    If you do not include a email address your post will not submit.

May I use profanity in my posts?
     No!  This site is registered with ICRA as being suitable for all age levels.  Hence, profanity is not permitted.

May I edit or change my posts?
     No.  Once posts are made, they can not be edited or changed.  Hence, you should make sure you really want the world to see your post before you make it!

Can the editors change the content of my posts?
     No.  Editors only have the ability to delete posts.  They can not edit the content.

Why is the time of my post different than when I made it?
     This server is in Hawthorne, California.  The times are Pacific standard or daylight time.  Posts are stamped with the local time here in California, no matter where you make your post from.

What does "free and open" mean?
     Free: There is no access fee, registration, or requirement to surrender personal information for use of this web site.
     Open: Anyone who abides by the rules may read and post. There is absolutely no registration required.

What does "free and open" not mean?
      That you can freely abuse the rules as you wish You are only welcome here if you abide by the guidelines.

Is there an easy method to post a clickable link?
     Yes! Paste your link including the http:// into the Optional Link URL: box. Then when you make your post people will be able to click on it. If you want to add a description of the link put your description in the Optional Link Title: box. Your description will be clickable, and will link to the URL in the box above.

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POST A MESSAGE California Scuba Diving BBS SEARCH

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