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Southern Cailifornia Offshore Oil Platform Map
Southern California Offshore Oil Platform Map Map courtesy of California Artificial Reefs Enhancement Program (C.A.R.E.)

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Key phrases: Offshore Oil Rigs, oil drilling platform, underwater pipeline, underwater photography, images of sea life, Southern California Scuba Diving
Equipment: Nikonos II, Ikelite strobe, 28mm wide anagle, 1:1 & 1:3 close up adaptors
Web Site: Optimized for 1024x768 or greater resolution screen with at least 16M colors.
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Water Temperature Range: 46F-74F (7C-23C) depends on location, depth, and time of year
Fish: garibaldi, blacksmith, señoritia, kelp fish, sole, halibut, turbot, sanddab, blackeye goby, bluebanded goby, zebra goby, sarcastic fringehead, ronquil, wolf-eel, moray eel, rock wrasse, sheephead, barracuda, surfperch, halfmoon, whitefish, opaleye, zebraperch, croaker, white sea bass, lizardfish, midshipman, sargo, salema, jack mackeral, calico or kelp bass, spotted or sand bass, rock bass, giant black sea bass, sculpin, cabezon, lingcod, greenling, treefish, rockfish, smelt, anchovie, sardine, yellowtail, bointa, mackeral, mola, bluefin tuna, needlefish, queenfish, blenny.
Sharks and Rays: bat ray, round sting ray, shovel nose guitar fish, California thornback, Pacific electric or torpedo ray, angel shark, leopard shark, blue shark, swell shark, horn shark, angel shark, soupfin shark, dogfish, smoothhound shark.
Crabs: kelp crab, rock crab, decorator crab, sheep or spider crab, dungeness crab, sand crab, shore crab, hermit crab, warrior crab, helmet crab.
Invertebrates: ghost shrimp, tunicate, sea star, brittle star, sunburst/sunflower star, sand star, spiny star, sand dollar, sea urchin, pencil urchin, sea cucumber, feather star, octopus, squid, clam, rock scallop, cowrey, triton, whelk, sponge, jellyfish, hydrocoral, hydroid, green abalone, pink abalone, red abalone, white abalone, black abalone, flat abalone, limpet, bryozoan, turban snail, kelp snail, moon snail, top snail, sand snail, muscle, tube worm, feather duster worm, gorgonian, sea anonome, nudibranch, navanax, sea slug, cleaner shrimp, shrimp, mantis shrimp, spiny lobster.
Sea Mammals - Pinnipeds: harbor seal, sea lion, dolphin, common dolphin, gray whale, blue whale, humpback whale, killer whale, pilot whale, elephant seal, Dall's porpise, beaked whale.
Plants: agarweed, algee, eel grass, cord grass, salt grass, bull kelp, elkhorn kelp, featherboa kelp, giant kelp, spongeweed, sea palm, laminaria, rockweed.

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