Abalone In Srambled Eggs

CopyRight @ 1998

This stuff is great, but I would guess that only the French could have come up with it. It is easy make, uses relitively little abalone and tastes really good. The Abalone flavor comes out really well in this dish.

Prepare and pound some Abalone steaks as described in 'Preparing Abalone'. Use a sharp knife to cut the steaks into strips and then cut these across. Basically, you are trying to make the pounded Abalone into the smallest pieces possible. Graters will not work, though I have not tried a grinder.
For 2 people, figure that you will scramble 5 eggs. Then, you are going to need just a bit of Abalone to make it a mix of 1 part Abalone to 4 or 5 part egg. (It's also good at about 50 - 50 I found out.) It is a good plan to save a few steaks from the previous nights Ab feast.
Scramble the eggs with some milk. Grate some Swiss cheese, the amount should be to taste, but not too much. Perhaps the same amount as the Abalone. Toss this all into a hot fry pan. Add a short ounce of white Champagne ("sparkling wine" for the sticklers). Cook with spatula like regular scrambled eggs.

You will probably be suprised how well this comes out and how the flavors go together.

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