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One of the tastiest ways around to prepare fish and most other meats, is to cook them with Cajun spicing. It's an easy way to prepare a delicious and different meal.

To put it simple, you simply want to moisten the pieces of fish or meat so that the Cajun spices stick well and then cook them. It can get more complicated than that, but it need not. The best ways to cook food with Cajun spices is to grill, fry or broil the pieces.

When cooking with Cajun spice, I get what powdered Cajun spice mixes can be found at the market. What you are buying is some flavoring spices and the hot spices that give the Cajun flavor. The hot is half the fun. The main hot spice in Cajun is Cayenne. So if you get a flavorful spice mix, but you want it to have a bit more zip, add some powdered cayenne to the mix. I don't know if it is possible to make it too hot. Black pepper is also a common ingredient and can be added if it suits your taste. Look out for any mixes with Jabanaro peppers in them. They are very nicely spicy hot, but they taste funny in Cajun.

Realize that this same recipe is not only good on most fish, it is also excellent on chicken, pork, beef or whatever you have the imagination and taste for.

Generally, whatever you intend to cook Cajun style should start out skinless and in pieces that are thin enough to be cooked without a lot of turning over. 2 inches is about the maximum thickness that a piece of fish should be for cooking this way.

Whether you grill, fry or broil your food, the objective is to start with a high heat. Put the fish on a plate and put some milk on it. Maybe water, teriyaki, water or oil could be used here. Sprinkle on your Cajun spice mix and some powdered garlic as well (if you have enough style). Put it in the pan or on the grill with the spicy side down. Then sprinkle more spice on the side that is up. Cook it and flip it as usual, but try not to knock off the spicing.

This is great eating. You should really try cooking some this way. After you try it on fish, try it on chicken. My favorite is Cajun Style Bluefin Tuna.

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