Rock Fish Saute

CopyRight @ 1998

This method of preparing fish is fairly simple and is my favorite method for cooking bass and other local rockfish, especially Lingcod. It doesn't work as well for more oily fish, but is great for any light dry meat. It is also a great method for cooking shrimp.

For this recipe, you want to have oregano, garlic (crushed or powder), onion (diced), white wine, lemon juice, teriyaki, butter and oil (vegetable and/or olive oil).

You want to cook the oils and spices together some first, to bring out their flavor.

Get a good fry pan fairly hot. Put around a teaspoon of butter and a teaspoon of oil into the hot pan. Add crushed oregano, garlic, onion and perhaps some bay leaves broken up some. Let this get hot and cook some.

As quickly as possible put in maybe 1/2 oz. wine and a tablespoon of both lemon juice and teriyaki. Stir it quick and toss in the fish. Figure that it is likely to take about 5 minutes per side if the pan is fairly hot, but it of course also depends on how thick the filet is. It is finished when the meat in the center has gone white. Do not overcook fish.

As always, there is great room for adjustment and experimentation with the ingredients used for sauté cooking. Some things got forgotten, many things got added. Dale is the great experimenter. He tends to toss in some can or another of Campbells soup and just sauté the fish in that. It's just a matter of cooking the fish in something that will lend it flavor.

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