Japanese Steahhouse Style Lobster

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This is a light and tasty ways to fix up a lobster and it's also quite easy to do. It's also quite easy to screw up the flavor.

Take a glass or other container that is perhaps 2 inches tall. Fill it 1/8 of the way with teriyaki sauce. Fine crush some oregano into this and a bit of powdered or crushed garlic. Some crushed up sage could be added as well. Now, fill the glass most of the way with water. This is important, because you are trying to create a very dilute mix here. If it is not dilute enough, you can lose the flavor of the lobster. This should sit while you prepare the lobster for cooking.

Prepare the lobster tails as described in the Lobster Preparation page. You can make this with raw or pre-cooked tail meat. Take the meat all the way out of the shell. Make sure to remove the main vein. Trim off the outer skin of the tail, to your taste.

Now, you have to cut the tail into the right sized pieces. Truthfully, when this meal is done it looks a lot like scrambled eggs in consistency. That means, cut up the lobster into scrambled egg sized pieces. Cut it so that it breaks apart along the grain of the meat.

Get a good fry pan pretty hot. This is a dish that must be cooked hot and quick. Cooking more than perhaps 2 tails at a time is unadvised. Put around a teaspoon of butter or vegetable oil in the hot pan. A bit of sesame oil or olive oil can be added here for your taste. Toss in the lobster pieces and stir them enough to get them cooking at a good fry.

Now, occasionally pour in a bit of the seasoning and water mix and continue stirring around with a spatula. This keeps the meat moist as it cooks and gives it a light but tasty seasoning.

Serve up hot.

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