Scallop a la Mer

Copyright @ 1998

This is my favorite way to eat Rock Scallops and it's not an overly detailed recipe.

Jam a knife in the scallop and scrape along one side (usually the flattest) of the shell to release the muscle. Note that sometimes the shape of the shell, or the number of diners may make it such that you just want to cut the muscle in half. This is fine and not really any harder to clean. Then pull the shell the rest of the way open. Use your fingers to pull off any of the guts from around the big central muscle. A knife may be used to scrape off something that is hard to get with fingers. There is no need to rince scallops in fresh water. When the muscle cleaned, use your knife to slice it loose from the shell. If the scallop is large or there is more than one diner, cut it to bite size pieces.

It is now ready, so eat it. Remember to clear your regulator when you put it back in you mouth after eating. This same procedure can be followed on the boat, but I prefer to do it as soon as I find the scallop.

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