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A Gallery Of Divers

Pictures At An Exhibition by Chris Grossman

I've been looking at Chris Grossman's pictures for a few years now they constitute many things. Still, it wasn't so long ago that he got his underwater camrera gear. Before that he took a lot of surface pictures. Many of them were portraites. It used to drive me crazy that he would take pictures of people in front of incredible scenery in remote places at the Channel Islands, yet he would skip taking a picture of the scenery without the person. Still, he took some striking portraites. A diver is a person in an unusual situation that offers a background message to the picture. These pictures of divers show diving. They show the exhileration and the exhaustion, the discipline for the challenge, the faces we respect and just faces of those drifing in the sea dream that beckons the diver. They are the portraits of a diver. The pictures have a lot to say.

I've tried to put together a gallery based on those pictures. I hope you enjoy them. Just click your way through the gallery by clicking on the picture.

Enjoy, seahunt

This is just a test pic. I don't know if any of these guys are divers.

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