A Superior Dive At Lake Superior

By Keith Stillabower

Last wednesday we scheduled our "Deep" dive for our AOW class. There
were 5 of us including the instructor, and we left the dive shop for the
site at about 10:00 AM. The day was shaping up to be one of those rare,
beautiful days we sometimes get in the fall up here, and I was really
looking forward to this dive.

We drove about 2 hrs. along the north shore of Lake Superior through the
high, rolling hills, occasionally catching glimpses of the lake, but mostly,
just being impressed with the fall colors. The hills had been painted bright
orange and red and yellow, as they always do in the fall, but some years I
just don't seem to notice like I did that day.

Upon ariving at the dive site (Pt. Murmainsk (sp?)) we unpacked our gear
and walked down to the shore to check the conditions. It was beautiful,
words fail me. Superior was calm to the horizon, the sun was shining off
the small wavelets, and the hills, in their fall colors framed the picture
off to the right. (As I looked out over the lake I was sobered (just for a
moment) with the thought that the Edmund Fitzgerald