Poems By The Lady From The Sea

By Carolyn Tomes

Which Is Which?

White clouds sail high, in the deep blue sky.

White waves on the deep blue ocean,

I cannot distinguish the line between,

And the whole world seems in motion,

The foam swift on the wavecrest,

The white clouds swift on high,

Is the sky reflecting ocean?

Or the ocean reflecting sky?

Ode to a Sea Cucumber

There it sits
Majestic, the mighty sea cucumber
They are legion
And they line the lagoon floor
Like so many real cucumbers

Awake! Awake!
Mighty Sea Cucumber
Awake and meet your destiny
To rule the ocean
To gain wisdom

To crawl from the depths
And join us in Earthís dominion!
Our industry, your serenity!
A courtship of sapiens and slug!
Great minds of the earth shall we be!


ÖAwake. Sea Cucumber? Hello?
Have you heard a thing Iíve been saying?
No, you havenít have you?
So Iíve been wasting my breath,
While you lay there like a cat turd in a sandbox.

What is your DEAL!

Forget it. Iím going over
To have a talk with the anemones.


For the sea calms the soul...

And all who look on it

Are stilled by its magnitude.

Straining my eyes to search its depths

I find nothing...



Until I realize

I am witnessing infinity.

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