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Most of the posts on this web site are fairly extensive dive reports, but I keep seeing comments that do not warrent their own page, but are really good comments anyway. So, I just started putting them all here. I hope you find them as amusing as I have.

We were talking about hunting lobster at night, shallow and that they sometimes actually jump right out of the water... This was response was posted by No Worries

I chased one out of the water....

I grabbed for a bug and missed. It was on the side of a rock, and took off straight up. I followed it up and didn't see it anywhere. Then I noticed the rock broke the surface. As I peaked my head out of the water, there was my lobster sitting right on top of the rock. I grabbed again, and didn't miss that time.

I exchanged some email with Dave Fink before I met with him at the shallows of Sunset Cliffs at Point Loma. It's some challenging diving and very different. Here is something he wrote me later and it just sounded fun. This guy enjoys his diving!

Those bugs were both caught on the same reef, in shallow water with heavy surge. They were both caught during the day and taken by force from their cozy little houses. The six pounder was hanging out in a spot I call the Horseshoe Ledge which is one of those places that's usually holding something big. That particular day he was visiting with his three pound girlfriend. She got in the way while I was making one of several attempts to get the fatboy, and quickly found herself in my gamebag. The male was really hard to catch. He had wedged himself head first in a part of the ledge that was bigger in back than it was in front. All I could get a hold of was his tail and I pulled with both hands as hard as I could but he wouldn't budge. His big fat head was stuck tight. Finally, after about twenty dives of pulling and shaking he started to move. Just when I was about to pass out, he came loose. I had him by the tail and he didn't even struggle. I craddled him to my chest and floated on the surface for a few minutes then went in. I was beat.

The 8.5 lb. lobster was taken from a shallow ledge very near the Horseshoe ledge. It was an ideal scenario: Big lobster, stupid hiding place. The water was murky that day and really moving. The horseshoe wasn't holding so I swam out a little further and saw what looked like a good ledge. When I looked in I was shocked. A few inches from my face was a six pounder which immediately started moving to the right. Behind it, in the back of the ledge was the biggest lobster I have ever seen. It was sitting sideways, completely untroubled by my presence. I forgot all about the six pounder and grabbed the side of the big one's head with my left hand. It turned to face me or I turned it...I'm not sure, I was having such an adrenalin rush. Anyway, I got both hands on its head and started to pull when it got stuck. Uh oh! It had wedged its tail in the back of the ledge. I slid my hands up to the base of its antlers, gave it a good shake, pulled as hard as I could and it came loose. It was a female. I didn't know they got that big.

Thursdays are now my favorite days to dive. Sweet Thursday. Both big bugs were caught on a Thursday. And I got my first limit ever, this year, on a Thursday.

Do you like spearfishing? Let me know if you want to go. The white seabass are coming!

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Enjoy the diving, seahunt

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