Just A Dive Poem

By The Sea Witch

I went diving one day and thought to myself:

To dive the depths, under the sea.
How lucky I am, just my buddy and me.

Together we descend, through dancing rays of light.
Surrounded by bubbles, somehow akin to flight.

The colours are brilliant, like nothing on land.
Everything highlighted, by snowy white sand.

Fish everywhere, darting to and fro.
All in a hurry, with places to go.

Occasionally there’s one, just hanging around.
Crunching on coral, spreading sand on the ground.

Mountains of coral, and fans of the deep,
Forming a living wall, so endlessly steep.

Deeper and deeper, dive into the ocean.
Swimming becomes one fluid motion.

The nitrous sets in, it becomes like a dream
Not many colours left, except maybe green.

They say the big fish, can be seen around here.
I feel an excitement, and maybe slight fear.

Suddenly, a shadow flicks past my sight.
I look at my buddy, his face filled with fright.

I turn my head. What does he see?
And more importantly, does it see me?

I soon see what has spooked my friend.
According to the movies, we have met our end.

My muscles freeze; I can’t move a bone
Oh dear big fish, please leave me alone.

The animal is grey. Its eyes are dark.
This will be my first encounter, with the grey reef shark.

My fear runs deep, but is replaced with awe.
It happened so quickly, that see turned to saw.

As fast as it came, so fast it went.
An attack was obviously not the intent.

I was a bit shaken, for it was a large fish.
I’m so glad to see that “Diver” is not a favourite dish.

It makes sense to me, neoprene is a tough chew.
Plus, would you be interested in aluminium stew?

So we dove on, more relaxed than I would have guessed.
Instead of being afraid, I had the feeling I was blessed.

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