The Funny Stories

Humor Lightens Our Day

I'm not sure why, but people keep asking me if I went to deep or if I held my breath to long.

  • The Adventures Of Hoghead - By Don DeMaria - (This is to funny for words!)
  • Deep Dive Of Whimsey With Captain Nemo
  • I Will Never Do This Again - By Michael aka. SDSailor
  • Really Fun Dive - By Michael aka. SDSailor
  • Now tell me if there has ever happened to you: - By Kevin
  • Ordinance Diving - By Kevin
  • April 1 Dive Report - Andrea Doria - By Diver Dave
  • Paulie (from the Sopranos) goes diving - By Arty Skye aka. Sawtooth

  • These aren't necessarily funny stories, but they might be a few of the best to read. There are a lot of other good stories, especially the ones by other people. Otherwise they wouldn't be on this site in the first place

  • Moments on the Water - By Michael Roberts aka. Salty Dog
  • A Time To Dive - The Raider
  • Fire Boats
  • Sea Ranch 2002 - Dive 3 - Colby Reef
  • Delgada Canyon - by Eric S. and Buddies
  • Underwater Fireworks of Santa Barbara Island - By Terry May
  • Small Boat
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