The Coronado Islands

The Coronado (Coronodo) Islands are a group of small barren islands about 6 miles south of the border into Mexico and perhaps 10 miles off shore. There actually are four islands in the chain. The three largest ones are called Coronado Norte, Medio and Sur. The islands are rugged with cliffs and boulders. They are frequently visited by San Diego dive boats and offer some excellent diving. Because of cold upwelling currents, there is a lot of life. There are a lot of sea lions there and chances are that they will happily pose for your camera and play with you. The Elephant Seals there don't play. There are a lot of morays, sculpins, garabaldis and other fish, but it is easy to see that the area has been heavily fished. There are good corynactus and zoanthid displays. At times, there are a lot of Yellowtail that the spearfishers go after.

Forbidding Shores