Farallon Islands

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The 4 Farallon Islands are 28 miles due west of San Francisco and cover only 212 acres.

North Farallon, Middle Farallon and Noonday Rock are basically uninhabited and unvisited Southeast Farallon Island is about 120 acres has an old Coast guard house that is inhabited by biologists.

The islands lie near the continental shelf and are swept by cold nutrient rich upwelling waters. These provide resources for an entire vibrant food chain. It's less than a third square mile, but it is a lush place visited by 5 kinds of pinnipeds including northern elephant seals, harbor seals, California sea lions, Steller's sea lions and the very rare Northern fur seals. It is an important nesting area for many species of birds.

Because of these resident seal populations, from October to November there are also Great White Sharks that feed on them.

Though the island is best known to most people for its population of White Sharks, some lucky and adventure some divers consider it to be the most spectacular diving in California with lush life and incredible rock formations of canyons and caverns. Every surface is covered with colorful and exotic life while fish are thick in the extensive shelter of the rocks.

Few dive boats go there and few divers have visited the Farralon Islands, but all consider it a special place to dive.