Jade Cove

Big Sur is a beautiful place, but it has big mountains and big cliffs going down to the water. Dive sites along that shore are few and far between. One interesting one though is about 30 miles north of Hearst Castle at Jade Cove. It's less than 1/2 miles south of Plaskett Creek campground just a bit north of the town of Gorda and it has the only known underwater Jade deposit. This is hard, high quality dark green Jade and it's not hard to find, if you know what you are looking for. Of course that's the catch. There is a lot of serpentine there as well. The best way to identify Jade is by its unique smooth, polished feel.

After crossing the meadow, it is one tough hike down the cliff trail and can be a tough entry over the rocks, depending on conditions. You're going to be crossing boulders. Bring hiking boots and water. Look out for poison oak. with some big fish. It can be rougher water in Spring, but the kelp can get so thick late in summer that the diving is difficult. Diving days are completely a chance, but every storm reveals more Jade. Vis can be 30 feet or nothing. Depths are rarely over 30 feet. Wish for luck, stamina and prepare for a great dive.