Santa Barbara

City College

There is a lot of diving to be found around Santa Barbara and Santa Barbara is the home of Truth Aquatics , but there is one place that stands out above the rest. It is usually refered to as 'City College', which I don't understand because it is past that. Follow the road north along the beach in Santa Barbara. Go past Sterns Wharf and past the marina where Truth Aquatics is and then past the City College. The road starts to rise along a headlands. Between the road and the cliffs is a nice strip of park. Below the cliffs is a huge area of very wild reef. It can mostly only be reached by boat. It is thick kelp and cold currents wash that point. It can be a dark place. The reef itself is incredibly folded rocks and there are millions of hidy holes for life. The diversity is incredible. Just outside the kelp you might see barracuda, bonita or even a stray blue shark.

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