Mel ....... Next Hunt.... 09-10

"Fish this big are around and it's a SECRET for now" MM.

Lobster Season is over, but even before that, Mel was itchin to get out looking for White Sea Bass season. He sent me a familiar letter. It seems like a great way to start this years game page. Knowing Mel, I bet there will be a lot more great pictures of fish and lobster. Also, I just started practicing with video during the last lobster season and got a film of him catching a 11.5 pound bug, but really I missed some of the best shots by just moments. This year has the potential to be even better.

Mike... Word is out about the big fish....OK to Add this new personal best to the Mel page " in you spare time" :) Mel

Sent: **/**/2009 7:50:31 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time
Subj: Personal Best White Seabass 62 lbs

Miguel....Once again, persistence paid off. After nearly a dozen White Seabass hunts I finally landed one. />Cruising through the kelp forest at 15 ft Three Big fish heads slowly appeared from behind the kelp. As they crossed my path I lowered my gun very very slowly so as to not alert them with pressure waves. I lined up on the one closest to me and fired. The spear shaft went completely through the fish behind the gill plate. It ran and eventually tied up at 60 feet at the bottom of a kelp stock. I had to dive near the limits of my ability but I was able to get it up after 2 dives. Grace was amazed at the Big Fish and so was I. It was a new personal best. Take care.....Mel

Mel, Grace and his 62 pound White Sea Bass Mel, Grace and his 62 pound White Sea Bass
Grace and Mel's 62 pound White Sea Bass

PS. Don't post this yet....Fish this big are around and it's a SECRET for now !
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