Lobster Preparation

Catching lobster is even more fun than eating them, but lobster is one of the best meals offered by the California ocean. Preparing them isn't that hard, but preparing them correctly is a bit more difficult. Game like this is special and should be treated with special respect. Besides, they are armored and can be hard to get at. This is to describe the best way to get lobster meat from tail to pan without wasting any.
This is a bit drastic in a way, because a lot of people don't trim them quite this much, but this is about the best way it can be done for a decadently delicious meal with the best texture.

Implements needed:

  • A sharp flexible knife.
  • A pair of cutters like heavy electrical cutters.
  • A good cutting board is useful.
  • I like to wear gloves. They help in many ways.

  • It's nice to start with a big tail
    Put out a couple of plates. One for trash, one for meat and one for trimmings...
    Put a piece of plastic wrap over the plate for the cookable meat so it is
    easily managed and doesn't stick to the plate any.

    Use a heavy clipper to cut off the tail hooks at the base all along the tail.
    If you cut a smooth line along the length, it's easy to separate the top and
    bottom of the shell.

    Dont cut any to get the meat out.
    Slide your fingers along the top and bottom of the meat forcing the meat to
    separate from the shell. It will stick in places. Force your fingers in to
    Free it.

    Pull it loose from out of the end of the tail.

    Use a sharp knife to first trim along the edge. You can cut off all the tougher skin and places where it projected into the tail
    hooks. This can be one cut along the length of the tail

    Under each segment of shell is a segment of thick skin.
    Slide your knife in from back to front and then go from side to side to cut
    off this thick part. You can do the same on the front. Trim to taste.

    Notice that lobster has it's own natural grain.
    The meat breaks up into finger tip sized pieces. You want to cut it apart with
    this in mind. You separate the meat in the way it naturally comes apart.
    There are two strips of meat that run down the upper length. Those can be pulled off
    separately. Under them is the main vein. If it hasn't already been removed, get
    rid of it.

    The meat is ready for your recipe.
    Chop it up to about the size scrambled eggs come out for Lobster Neuberg or
    Japanese Steak House Style Lobster. Chop it fine for Lobster Bisque.

    As I always say, enjoy the meal, seahunt

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