Salt Baked Lobster

I tried something new the other day. It is good for cooking both lobster and fish (as well as most meats). I highly recommend it.

The objective is to pack the food to be cooked in course salt (not rock salt). The salt makes a shell that acts as a double oven. It is the best flavor from lobster I have had and I've tried a lot.

The salt is generally not a problem and does not get into the food.

I used a tail that was about 2 pounds, but you can do it with any size. You may not want to do this with a small fish or single tail as there is some chance of drying.

You can do this with a whole or tailed lobster. If it is a single large lobster, you may want to clip off the tail barbs and swimmerets so it lays on the salt better.

Chop up some fresh Italian spices if you have them available. Anything will do, but Thyme is particularly nice. I used Thyme, Italian Spice and a pinch of Sage. They can be added to the water before the process is started to release some of their flavor.

Put some aluminum foil into a baking pan.

Start with iced water so that it dissolves the salt the minimum possible.

Put some of the water in large bowl first.

Put a couple more cups of the course salt it.

Add the spices.

Mix and add water as needed to make the salt into thick mud or like soft snow.

Put down a layer of salt 1/4 to 1/2 inch thick for the lobster (or fish) to lay on.

Put the lobster on it and if it is just the tail you can put a small piece of aluminum foil over the exposed meat to prevent drying and salt incursion.

Completely cover the entire tail or fish with a thick coat of salt. Seal it in salt.

Put it in a heated oven (at least 400 degrees) and cook for 30 minutes. That may seem long, but it has to heat the salt and then the lobster.

Take it out and give the salt shell a whack. it will break into big pieces.

Clean the salt off and serve. I thought it was amazing.

Enjoy, seahunt

It has it's own clay/salt oven

Truly an impressive flavor

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