Catalina Panorama Images

CopyRight @ 2006

I'm not a great photographer. I hurry too much. Still, I got into creating wide panorama and 360 degree pictures, and I really like them.
Instead of an image of a subject, the picture sort of puts you there at the place. You can look around you and look at what you want, not at just
what the photographer is showing you. Besides, some places just demand a picture like these.

Click on any picture to really see it.

I hope you like, seahunt

Evening at Catalina Catalina with a thin layer of soft clouds resting on its mountains. Isthmus is in the center.

Evening at Catalina From Ship Rock to Lions Head.

Calm anchorage at Cherry Cove Calm anchorage at Cherry Cove. There is some good lobster hunting under that cliff if they are out walking.
Just be careful of the Thresher there. It is the flag ship of the Fish and Game.

Emerald Cove A sunny morning at Emerald Cove. There is a lot of great diving on the extensive reefs around Indian Rock.

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